Galerie 22 is pleased to introduce you to the art of photography through its 3 photographers. “The old quarrel between art and photography is fading away as, in different ways, with Pop Art, Land Art, conceptual art and performance art, photography played a leading role in the art of the second half of the 20th
We offer you a large choice of sculptures for your garden and also the possibility to create, in exclusivity, a work of one of our artists especially for your environment according to your desires and preferences. Just contact us on 06 84 47 49 54 or by mail : Our special sculpture magazine click
salon mirabilia lyon
We are pleased to participate in the first biennial Mirabilia exhibition in Lyon by presenting the works of : Christiane FILLIATREAU, Jean-Philippe Pernot and Christian von Sydow OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION TO THE PUBLIC > Thursday 28 April from 12pm to 9pm > Friday 29 April, 12 noon to 6pm > Saturday 30 April from
contemporary collage on paper by raymond guerrier painter available in the online shop of the gallery22
Raymond Guerrier is a great painter who has transcended the famous dilemma of figuration and abstraction. The discovery of his work was first of all the meeting with his son Francis Guerrier, also an artist but a sculptor. Francis invited us into his father’s studio and showed us his work … we were amazed …
catalogue of sculptures

Our favourite sculptures…..

We present you our favorite sculptures of four of our artists for this month of December and allow you to stay warm in your living room to offer or simply to please you in one click from your sofa…. Catalogue of sculptures We are at your disposal for any further information, do not hesitate to
Philippe Croq questions the limits of disfiguration, the pictorial and poetic balance of each painting, the force that possesses it or that emerges from it are among his main concerns. It is often the interweaving of lines, of vegetal, organic or human forms barely sketched on the surface of the paper that allow him to
l'enfant lumiere peinture acrylique personnages fantasmagoriques de jean louis bessede
Two careers Jean-Louis Bessède trained at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. But after graduating, he worked for a long time in design, and conceived many ultra-contemporary objects that seduced Georges Pompidou or the King of Morocco, among others. In total, more than 300 creations have been distributed throughout the world. Since 1982 he has devoted himself
exhibition of paintings by danielle prijikorski in the castle of barjac in the gard
Exhibition of Danielle Prijikorski in the rooms of the Taperstry of the magnificent Château de Barjac in the Gard. This exhibition retraces her career with a work from 1986, the first canvas of her passage to abstraction. Danielle Prijikorski is a French painter known for her exceptional combinations of singular materials. She uses any material
facel vega automobile photography aluminium print for sale in the blind of gallery 22.
The artist painter uses his colour spectrum to reveal his areas of light, the photographer fixes his vision on a silver film. My work is a symbiosis of these two techniques. I use a personalized aluminium sheet to reveal brightnesses and contrats of a life scene, an architectural subject, metallic elements or body work of
sveta marlier artiste peintre de la galerie d'art en ligne  galerie 22
“Ever since Malevich (1879-1935) and his “degree 0 of painting”, reached at the dawn of the previous century, we know that figuration remains a perilous exercise. From this unexpected assault by a painter whose early figuration had turned into radical abstraction, artists have responded in many ways to rescue figurative art from this premature condemnation.