sveta marlier artiste peintre de la galerie d'art en ligne  galerie 22
“Ever since Malevich (1879-1935) and his “degree 0 of painting”, reached at the dawn of the previous century, we know that figuration remains a perilous exercise. From this unexpected assault by a painter whose early figuration had turned into radical abstraction, artists have responded in many ways to rescue figurative art from this premature condemnation.
salon d'art contemporain lille art up
We are pleased to invite you to the Lille Art Up 2021 Contemporary Art Fair from the 24th to the 27th of June at the Grand Palais in Lille with our following artists: Julien Allègre , Christiane Filliatreau, Thomas de Vuillefroy, Raymond Guerrier and Camille Virot
monumental sculpture in steel by sebastien zanello on sale in the store of the gallery 22
The square also represents the four directions of the compass and thus allows man to orient himself in space. The square establishes a system of coordinates. It imposes a structure on chaos and brings order to the world. In his book, “Signs, symbols and myths”, Luc Benoist clarifies this point: “If the earth is characterised
sun table 1 grey is an oil painting by french painter raymond guerrier available in the online gallery 22.
Raymond Guerrier is a great painter who has transcended the famous dilemma of figuration and abstraction. The discovery of his work was first of all the meeting with his son, Francis Guerrier, also an artist but a sculptor. Francis invites us into his father’s studio and shows us his work … we are amazed …
street-art photography by photographer alain schwarzstein on sale in the store of gallery22
Dear friends, We are pleased to share with you our wonderful meeting with the photographer Alain Schwarzstein in his magnificent environment in the heart of the Luberon. More than 40 years of photography gives him this mastery of the image, of the emotion of a moment. He never sought to exhibit but by chance we