Genesis spirit – Marcelin YAO

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Technique : acrylic, collage on canvas – 2022

Dimension : 59 x 39,3 inch

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The “ROOTS” collection is the result of a cultural experiment. It is the collection that accurately sums up the cultural foundation of my person.
I am of African origin and I come from a royal family that once placed great importance on traditional values such as respect for elders and connection with nature. This tradition had several pillars, including the woman as the bearer and giver of life. Today this tradition lives and overflows in me and is visible through my works.
I am also French by culture of adoption. Over the years, my Western cultural experiences have given me a much broader cultural vision.
Finally my culture of origin and adoption are the elements in which I am rooted. These are my “ROOTS”. This experience has given me the richness to be the “hybrid” artist that I am.
This collection is therefore a reflection of my roots. I wanted to translate through visuals symbolic elements from the African tradition by adding modern elements. I chose the image of the African woman because it is she who gives life and carries the family. The mask symbolises the sacred, the divinity and the hidden mystery of the spirit world. I compose with modern accessories such as the handbag or the camera.
Finally, these works are the symbol of a cultural mix but also of a harmony of traditional values.
My works are meant to be questioning. They aim to awaken all the questions related to the cultural foundation of everyone. They also aim to evoke the question of the passing of time by leaving cultural vestiges that can serve as a reference.

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Marcelin Yao

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