Blason Blase

3 500 

Technique : sculpture in cardboard, graphite and resin

Dimension : 29,1 x 18,8 x 4,7 inch

Authentification :signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity.


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In his work, Pierre Ribà adopts an approach of simplifying forms, concentrating on the essential. This simplification can create abstract or stylised sculptures that still retain recognisable elements of reality. Thus, even though the forms are simplified, art lovers can still identify certain familiar elements or relate them to objects or people from their everyday experience.

The interplay between imagination and reality is an interesting aspect of Pierre Ribà’s work. By simplifying the forms while maintaining recognisable elements, he creates a space where the viewer can interpret the sculptures in different ways. This allows for a certain freedom of interpretation and invites the imagination, while keeping an anchor in reality.

Pierre Ribà’s work in cardboard sculpture is an artistic exploration that emphasizes the simplicity of form while preserving identifiable markers between the imaginary and the real. His unique and original sculptures offer viewers an intriguing visual and conceptual experience.

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