It is interesting to know that Ruta Jusionyte is an artist who explores different mediums…

peinture acrylique sur toile figurative et naive de ruta jusionyte dans la galerie d art en ligne galerie22

The themes of Ruta Jusionyte’s paintings may vary, but often she focuses on elements of nature and everyday life, depicting animals, landscapes, domestic scenes, or portraits. His color palette is often very vivid, with sharp contrasts between warm and cool tones.

His work is also marked by a certain sense of creative freedom, which manifests itself in the way he plays with perspective, object size, shapes and textures.

In sum, Ruta Jusionyte creates artworks that are both simple and complex, naive and profound, spontaneous and thoughtful. His figurative and art brut style of painting allows him to capture the essence of his subjects with a minimum of detail, but with a lot of emotion. His paintings are a real treat for the eyes and the mind.

It is interesting to know that Ruta Jusionyte is an artist who explores different mediums, both painting and sculpture. Using terracotta and bronze, she creates sculptures that blend animal and human elements, giving a hybrid look to her works.

This mixture of human and animal can be interpreted in different ways. It can be seen as a way to explore the boundaries between man and animal, and to represent the wild and instinctive aspects of humanity. In some cases, this fusion can also symbolize specific character traits or emotions that are often associated with animals.

Creating sculptures in terracotta and bronze can be a complex and demanding process, requiring technical expertise as well as artistic creativity. Ruta Jusionyte’s sculptures can be appreciated for their complexity, originality, and ability to evoke emotions and thoughts in amateurs and collectors.