danielle prijikorski artiste peintre de la galerie 22

Danielle Prijikorski never lets go of her gaze; it makes her the wise "finder" who uses what our daily lives leave to be forgotten or discarded.

One fine morning, the colours, graphics and material of posters torn up in the city "clicked" with the desire for an almost instinctive free gesture.

Every day has its own tone; this time, another facet of the artist manifests itself, like the eruption of a desire to be translated without delay.

The poster was torn from its place in the city.

The poster was snatched from its fateful fate and back in the studio, it was with the same impetus that Danielle laid down her desire for vivid colours confronted with the collected material.

Like a diversion that one allows oneself in a journey, a digression in a constructed purpose, this "Pop" series is a parenthesis that is proposed to us in the painter's pictorial trajectory.

Brigitte RENAUD