enrique mestre jaime artiste peintre de la galerie 22

Enrique Mestre Jaime was born in Barcelona in 1968.

He studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. He lives and works in the Balearic Islands where he has his studio on the small island of Menorca. He regularly exhibits in various art galleries in Spain and France. Galerie 22 has represented him since 2013.

Enrique Mestre Jaime has always been inspired by nature, the Mediterranean Sea and travel. This inspiration can be found in the majority of his works, in his series of paintings on canvas or on paper. He has always been interested in humanity and nature, giving him this permanent quest to share his interest for ecology, for the protection of nature and also for water, this element so important for the planet...

Water... very often present in his work in recent years, either in the form of river, fountain, fish, ocean or monsoon...

Enrique Mestre Jaime likes to work with different techniques (acrylic, oil, collage...) and also on different supports: canvas, paper and leather. Without forgetting the engraving and the illustration. He works very little in black and white, in his work it is always the strength of the colour that is the protagonist.