Cut Square



Dimension: 104,3 x 74,8 x 57 inch

A work proposed by Gallery 22
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| Artist : sebastien zanello

Observe the void. Add material to capture the light, then give it a point of view, my point of view.

My sculptures are part of time to mark a pause, to freeze it. To freeze the fall, the flight, the explosion or simply the immobility. It is up to the viewer to move around to compose his or her stories, ephemeral and personal.

The module that composes my creations is a multiple of squares, the most studied remarkable geometric figures since Antiquity, symbol of stability, which highlights the instability of what it shows.

This work takes on a new dimension if it is part of a specific environment. It shapes, emphasizes and colours the space that is its host. I like to work in situ, and I adapt and even rebuild each work according to the place that will host it.

Whatever I do, what attracts me is to communicate with space, time and people. Open a window in those places that we thought were closed in our certainties

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Sébastien Zanello


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