julien allegre sculpteur sur métal

To be able to testify of my admiration towards nature seemed to me to be an evidence these slender beings are guardians of a past time, and sentinels of the present. They are devoid of colours, of heads, in their simple statures of observers, their bodies are similar to fantastic skeletons of branches where the fantasized time would have left only the essential of the matter to be able to still testify!

These Fossil Men are one of the results of the path of matter that I have been developing for over ten years. The metal that I find most often in its mercantile state, already used but in the form of an object, I have learned to work it and to give it, it seems to me, a living aspect.

The material has become rough, the range of rusty tones is for me poetry, the strata of lines make me think of springtime rises of sap at the ends of the pieces, of a burst of branches calling to its foliage.

Once placed in a "natural" environment they seem to dialogue with their surroundings; firmly dismissing any bad deeds one might have towards nature of which they are the guardians