Technique: Fiberglass and polyester resin – polimirror stainless steel sphere ø 27,5 inch. Two-component paint for exterior use.

Dimension: H 82,6 x 43,3 x 35,4 inch

A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity




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| Artist : thoma ryse

Where does the artistic individuality of Thoma Ryse begin or end? The man seems to be one and yet several artists, painters and sculptors, oriental yet a Westerner; he is actually a very difficult person to categorize. He radiates an undeniable generosity, expressed by a selection of colours that shout “Fauves”; an agility in drawing that sometimes has us dream of a brief homage to Matisse, with a variety of natural shapes which lead us back to the life process; a biomorphism as revealed by theories of the living at the microsopic level or that cosmology intimates at on an infinitely larger scale. Most often, when the eye resigns itself to having finished its scrutiny, we discover other surprises and samples of the unexpected, such as the infinite series of sculpted, painted shapes.


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