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We offer the creations from our artist catalogue: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Ceramics. We are digging out for you the best Contemporary Art has to offer.


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Art Online

The Art in one click, accessible to everyone. 


Buying a painting on the internet or buying an art piece online has many advantages. The online Art market is very popular. The ‘uberisation’ of this market allows anybody, experts as well as amateurs, to get art pieces.  Gain of time, rare pieces, discoveries of artists not known by the main public, these are some of the few benefits from the online gallery. 


No matter the budget, from now on, everybody can find an interest in Art without feeling intimidated and moreover, without getting out of home. 


Galerie 22​ follows this dynamic and offers some totally unique art pieces for you to discover on

Saving some time

Buying on the internet, ordering online, has many advantages; Saving time is one of those. 
You can, from your home, visit as many ‘galleries’ as you wish, adventure yourself anywhere in a few clic. 
The steps also are made simpler, in five minutes you could get a unique piece and get it delivered to your home.


As the saying goes “time is money”, so save some money and order online at

Some exceptional pieces

With 10 years of experience, ​Gallery 22​ possesses a rich catalog of various artists, from different backgrounds, using all sorts of medias.

Painting, Sculpture, Photography or even Ceramic, are a few of the ‘medias’ used by the artists referenced on Gallery 22​.


Gallery 22​ aims to offer the best of famous or raising artists, from France or the rest of the world.


All is available for a browse on our website :

A very secure process

The buying process on ​Gallery 22 ​is made secure with the encryption HTTPS/TSL. You will the be able to buy safely on our website.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a standard security technology that establishes a encrypted link between the internet server and the browser. This link allows all the datas travelling between the servers and browsers to stay private and secure.


We are also only working with payment platforms offering the highest level of security (PCI DDS Level 1) 

Gallery 22

The goal of Gallery 22 is to promote public awareness for today's artists whose work not only grows from strong roots into art history but also projects itself into contemporary art. The artists present at Gallery 22 are creators whose recognizable touch goes beyond the effervescence of trends and predictable images. It is this ambition which is satisfied each year at the gallery : opening new horizons by welcoming artists, known or unknown. With this synergy we carry the art of the artists we represent to the knowledge of all, amateurs, collectors, neophytes alike.

Artists catalog

Frédérick Gagné / Alain Grosajt / Raymond Guerrier / Jean-Luc Guin'Amant / Bertil Hansson / Dominique Limon / Patrick Loste / Enrique Mestre-Jaime / Danielle Prijikorski / Francisco Sepulveda / Akiko Toriumi / Jean-Marie Zazzi / Nanny Champy-Schott / Edmée Delsol / Christiane Filliatreau / Camille Virot / Jean-Philippe Pernot / Alain Schwarzstein / Kenny Adewuyi / Gérard Fournier / Francis Guerrier / Pierre Ribà / Christian Von Sydow ...

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