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Group exhibition August 2023 - Galerie 22

From 1 to 31 August 2023, Galerie 22 is delighted to present a group exhibition featuring an eclectic selection of contemporary artists. This exhibition brings together a variety of works that push back the boundaries of artistic creation, offering visitors a unique perspective on the diversity of today's artistic talent.

Philippe Croq's virtual exhibition

Philippe Croq's paintings reveal a unique sensitivity and a mastery of composition and colour palette. He succeeds in creating a singular and evocative atmosphere, inviting the viewer to wonder about the hidden meanings behind his creations. His subtle, poetic approach to art enables him to transcend the boundaries of reality and create works that capture the imagination and soul of those who contemplate them.

We wish you a wonderful artistic discovery.

Raymond Guerrier exhibition

It was in Eygalières, in Provence, that the man really took root. The south gave him his subjects. It was there that his pictorial language gradually became looser. Braque's influence became apparent; the organisation and appearance of forms changed, and the artist moved towards abstraction. The outside world and objects faded into the background, giving way to purely plastic arrangements of colour, form and rhythm. Raymond Guerrier never stops looking at the world.

We present to you the available works of Raymond Guerrier in this virtual exhibition. We wish you a wonderful artistic discovery.