The Dance of the Medusas

3 200 

Technique : Mixed media on canvas . – 2020
Dimension : 44,8 x 57,4 inch


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| Artist : Enrique MESTRE-JAIME

Lives and works in Barcelona.

Graduate of the School of Fine Arts, Specialised in Painting. School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi. University of Barcelona.

The papers belong to a pictorial series in which Asia is very present. They are wallpapers with mixed techniques, but basically with watercolour and Indian ink. These papers were born after a long trip to Asia. We can discover the stolen archaeologies, the monsoons caressing the roofs of Japanese pagodas or the dragons walking in an already non-existent China that is waking up to become a great dragon in this world that is becoming standardized, globalized and losing its richness….
Africa is also present in my paintings. They were painted after many trips to this continent. In my paintings, the acrylic technique is the most usual. They speak to us about water, about abundance or its absence, the most important element for life….This element is always present in my painting and in this series it appears represented in the form of boats, dugout canoes or heads of desert animals … to talk about the beauty of nature, water, rivers, or even the fishing with which man empties the oceans and one day he will catch the last fish …

Man continues his long journey, in a fragile pirogue, lost in his own ocean …

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Enrique Mestre Jaime


signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity

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