We offer you a large choice of sculptures for your garden and also the possibility to create, in exclusivity, a work of one of our artists especially for your environment according to your desires and preferences. Just contact us on 06 84 47 49 54 or by mail : contact@galerie22.fr Our special sculpture magazine click
contemporary collage on paper by raymond guerrier painter available in the online shop of the gallery22
Raymond Guerrier is a great painter who has transcended the famous dilemma of figuration and abstraction. The discovery of his work was first of all the meeting with his son Francis Guerrier, also an artist but a sculptor. Francis invited us into his father’s studio and showed us his work … we were amazed …

Our favourite sculptures…..

catalogue of sculptures
We present you our favorite sculptures of four of our artists for this month of December and allow you to stay warm in your living room to offer or simply to please you in one click from your sofa…. Catalogue of sculptures We are at your disposal for any further information, do not hesitate to
child-light acrylic painting phantasmagorical characters by jean louis bessede
Two careers Jean-Louis Bessède trained at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. But after graduating, he worked for a long time in design, and conceived many ultra-contemporary objects that seduced Georges Pompidou or the King of Morocco, among others. In total, more than 300 creations have been distributed throughout the world. Since 1982 he has devoted himself
sculptures monumentales  de sebastien zanello
Exceptional appointment in his workshop: until Sunday, October 10 only by appointment at : 06 84 47 49 54 Don’t miss this convivial meeting and discover all her work and her latest creations…