alain schwarzstein artiste photographe de la galerie 22

I've been making TV films for 25 years and photographing for 40 years.

I have always been fascinated by faces and bodies. And nothing else. Child or old man, woman or man, in tags or in flesh and blood, I repeat the same image, in multiple incarnations, without ever going around it. Happy in the studio, lost outdoors, I think I capture in the offered -or masked- look an emotion whose nature I do not know and do not understand. Sometimes the photo is good, I know that "it passes".

Some examples of my work can be found on this site. Some photos are commissioned, others are free.

Alain Schwarzstein

contemporary designer, contemporary drawing, art drawing, artistic drawing

Galerie 22 is pleased to introduce you to the art of photography through its 3 photographers. “The old quarrel between art and photography is fading away as, in different ways, with Pop Art, Land Art, conceptual art and performance art, photography played a leading role in the art of the second half of the 20th