sveta marlier artiste peintre de la galerie 22

Artist born in 1975 in Moscow.

Passion passed on by her grandfather and uncle, well-known artists, Svetà joined the Moscow Art School at the age of 8.

After graduating from the School of Fine Arts and the School of Cinematography in 1998, she decided to move to France. First in Paris where she did a short stint at ESAG Penninghen, then in Nice which seduced her with its beauty and light.

After her two series "Rubik's cubes" in homage to Malevitch's black square and the abstract impressionism of "Invisibles" she returns to the figurative with her new series "Exodus" and participates in the Ex-voto project of the door of the Church of Saint Pierre d'Arène with "Dance of Hope".

At 15 she dreamed of being a singer and today it is her musician daughter who inspires her for her work "Girls in Jazz"...

Then she made her "Circus" for the Messe des artistes, "Déjeuner sur le radeau" for the Biennale OFF in St Paul de Vence in June and is preparing her participation in the Biennale de Lyon in September 2018.

Svetà, in her work, seeks to convey the emotions she perceives from the people she meets in their daily lives, to show the frustration of this world of consumption and egoism...

She looks for answers, truth, laughter and light...