portrait de l'artiste ceramiste  Tidru

To explain my approach:

My work is narrative, it tells the human story. I am more specifically interested in the process of meeting the Other, in the path that leads us to him. Through drawings on the surface, I try to pictorialise what is inside us, what has marked us, what makes us up, what has built us (appeal to the past, to the secret, to the intimate). Starting from this principle, I imagine that each one of us has a drawing of his own which evolves in parallel with the passing of time.

[One can imagine a light that projects the story of the individual from the inside out, the drawings being in a way the resulting shadow play.]

I want to put the interior of the individual in the foreground. In my work, the form of the character (his or her appearance) simply serves as a frame, a structure, a piece of luggage that carries and hosts the essential (the drawing).

Thus, the usual supports of the judgment of the other which is the appearance, the body expression, the glance...etc are mute and incite the viewer to seek elsewhere and perhaps to interfere in the intimate labyrinth which composes us.

[The tracks are deliberately blurred in order to confess the image I have of the process of discerning the Other and to sow the seeds of a polysemic understanding of the Other. Questioning is, for me, the only answer to the relationship to the Other and identity: constantly under construction, in perpetual movement."]

I am often asked about the meaning of titles. Titles are the only elements that connect me personally to my work. They evoke very specific intimate memories that I wish to materialise/crystallise and e The titles are sometimes unrelated to the subject presented. I put the title last.