I have been making television films for 25 years and photographing for 40 years.

I have always been fascinated by faces and bodies. And nothing else. Child or old man, woman or man, in tags or in flesh and blood, I repeat the same image, in multiple incarnations, without ever getting around it. Happy in the studio, lost outdoors, I think I capture in the offered -or masked- look an emotion whose nature I do not know and do not understand. Sometimes the photo is good, I know that “it passes”.

Ghost in street art” series

A ruined building stood in the countryside, a former nightclub. It was a gigantic thing, mixing neo-gothic and ancient Egypt, in a random pastiche. The building was covered with tags, which disappeared under other tags as the weeks went by. I often wandered around the building photographing these ephemeral paintings. It was deserted, impressive, the cardboard and the ragged walls reminding me of the silence at the end of a film shoot, when the crew has left and the sets disintegrate even before they are taken down. I have inscribed in these shadows other shadows, illustrious ones.

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