Félix Valdelière’s current work is based on the destruction of an oblong volume. This form, which he considers to be as primordial as the sphere or the cube, constitutes the red thread in his approach.

He uses two millimetre thick sheet metal. The circles he uses to create his sculptures are symbolic of the cycle, eternal renewal, fullness and therefore Life.

The latter evokes movement.

He likes the idea of contradictions: giving movement to rigidity, exploiting the technical properties of iron to create “stable imbalances”, working with patinas to create confusion about the material of which his works are made.

The field of investigation is wide and his need to vary the nuances between each piece makes him oscillate between sculptures that are very much in movement and others that play more on material contrasts, or even both.

His only claim to fame is to create works with harmonious and singular forms.

His creations have no name because none seems relevant to him and he likes the idea of total freedom of interpretation…

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