The Life of the Body

Jean-Philippe Pernot is an explorer. He develops his creations by investing as much in techniques as in subjects. With his hands in the material and his eye on the other, he gradually gets closer to the body. This carnal that we are and that he prints in grains of silver, in its movement, its mutation.
I like this man’s contradiction which is born from the relationship between his works, marked by a feminine sensibility, a softness sometimes violent, and his massive frame which settles where he takes it, without compromise.

The mutations of the living

His universe is populated by spheres which, coming together, define the body, the incarnation, the fleshing out and the disappearance. And it is these expressions, these variations, these constant evolutions that allow him to gradually define the essence of man and to bear witness to his mutation of the state and of nature.

His wanderings are the paths that lead us to the human, like collections of clues that are not to be seen, but simply to be looked at, to be invested.

Today, Jean-Philippe Pernot focuses on the body, the site of a historical mutation. The individual body is being modified, transformed, supplemented – chips, piercings, prostheses, grafts – by ever more numerous, ever more complex, ever more exogenous external elements. 

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