The high-risk art of Ruta Jusionyte

Ruta Jusionyte performs the sacrament of nudity. Her primary beings are human holes. There are bodies in these hollows, through which the infinite passes. Life fills the expanse, and the light never stops growing.
Ruta digs deep into the paths of creation. Her sculpted beings, once muddy, are now approaching whiteness and peace. They are beings unburdened of their sorrows and shortcomings. Undefeated, they have passed through all disasters, and their eyes are as big as their fragility… With flows of sky, they are within reach of our tenderness. Ruta, in sublime density, dares to reconcile universal man and his animality from within.
Her drawings are islands of humanity, and precious emergences. Her paintings delve into close life, vital encounters, and the sweet sacredness of lived colours. Ruta confronts the shadow that the order of the day dares not face. Each work is a burning of the deep. The latent irony, a little caustic, gives air and lightness to these guests who share life.
This is high-risk art, because there is not a shadow of entertainment. Not the slightest mirage of seduction, but an insidious contagion, the pure presence of the great work. An extreme and raw compassion. An alchemy of the harshest presence and vivid beauty.
Christian Noorbergen

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