Starting from these games of reflection,I wanted to bring a new perspective on photographic style.

The artist painter uses his colour spectrum to reveal his areas of light, the photographer fixes his vision on a silver film. My work is a symbiosis of these two techniques.

I use a personalized aluminium sheet to reveal brightnesses and contrats of a life scene, an architectural subject, metallic elements or body work of a car.

This technique finalized after long research, allows me render sublime a place, an objetc, revealing unsuspected and ephemeral beauties.

Reflections on walls come to life, always magically moving along the day, responding to natural or artificial light.
In this way, I give a brightness, an emotion, a different vision, to immortalize this cultural heritage.

With these limited editions and this unexpected alliance of aluminium and photography I hope as well, to open on your walls, other windows of reflection.
Samantha Roux

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