Observe the void. Adding material to capture the light, then giving it a point of view, my point of view.

My sculptures are inscribed in time to mark a pause, to freeze it. Freeze the fall, the flight, the explosion or simply the immobility. It is up to the spectator to move around and compose his own ephemeral and personal stories.

The module that makes up my work is a multiple of squares, remarkable geometric figures that have been studied since Antiquity, a symbol of stability, which highlights the instability of what it shows.

This work takes on another dimension if it is set in a specific environment. It shapes, underlines and colours the space that is its host. I like to work in situ, and I adapt or even reconstruct each work according to the place that will host it.

Whatever I do, what attracts me is to communicate with space, time and people. To open a window in those places that we thought were closed in our certainties

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