Thoma Ryse lives and works in Brittany – France

Where does Thoma Ryse’s artistic individuality begin and end? The man appears to be “one and many”, a painter and a sculptor, oriental and occidental and difficult to push into a single frame. There is an unquestionable generosity in his work, expressed in the choice of colour, which evokes the “fauvists” in a wink; a suppleness in the drawing which sometimes makes us think of Matisse, as if in a brief homage, in a circulation of natural forms which leads us to the process of life; a biomorphism such as the theories of the living reveal to us at the microscopic level or that cosmology allows us to imagine in the field of the infinitely large. More often than not, when the eye finishes scanning the work, we discover other surprises and unforeseen events, for example the infinite renewal of sculpted and painted forms.

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