Svetà Marlier’s work is expressed mainly through series of paintings.

peinture contemporaine narrative sur toile de sveta marlier

Svetà Marlier was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1975 into a family of artists At the age of 8, she entered the Russian capital’s School of Art. After graduating from the École des Beaux-Arts and the École de la Cinématographie in 1998, she decided to move to France In Paris, she studied at the renowned Penninghen graphic arts school, before settling in Nice, attracted by the beauty and light of this city, which has long been a haven for many Russian artists.

Svetà Marlier’s work is expressed mainly through series of paintings. She seeks to represent the universal and timeless exodus of humanity. Her art does not belong to any particular country, nor is it limited to any particular category of population or skin colour. Her aim is to touch viewers of all backgrounds.

In his figurative paintings, Svetà often incorporates well-known characters, giving his message a highly personalised feel. However, her work is never pessimistic. Her message is one of constant hope, of a people on the move, freeing themselves from darkness, gloom and despondency, and moving towards light and hope. Children often feature prominently in his work, symbolising this idea of a promising future.

In short, Svetà Marlier’s art is imbued with universality, hope and symbolism. Her personified figurative paintings, featuring well-known characters, express humanity’s exodus towards light and hope, with children in the front line to embody this better future.