The square structures and orders the world… by the sculptor Sébastien Zanello

monumental sculpture in steel by sebastien zanello on sale in the store of the gallery 22

The square also represents the four directions of the compass and thus allows man to orient himself in space.
The square establishes a system of coordinates. It imposes a structure on chaos and brings order to the world. In his book, “Signs, symbols and myths”, Luc Benoist clarifies this point: “If the earth is characterised by the square, it is because the sun fixes its axes thanks to the extreme points of its course, which divides it into four parts, each representing a season, at the same time as one of the cardinal points.]

Sébastien Zanello is developing a method of sculpture based on square steel modules. These structures, starting from a small to monumental scale, are implanted in a space, pushing the spectator to move differently in this place by pivoting around the work.
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