Hope – Svetà MARLIER

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Technique: Acrylic, black stone on canvas
Dimension: 35,4 x 23,6 inch

The highlight of his “personalized figuration” series, his painting Le Cirque, was created for the artists’ mass in Nice in 2018.
It staged several artists around the chaplain of the Nice artists of Yves-Marie Lequin, a sort of Mr. Loyal of this composition.
It is easy to recognize Patrick Schumacher and his animal chimera Rhinozébros, Svetà herself on her horse, her artist friend Ulis as a clown …
Intrinsically linked to the Russian family and cultural history of Svetà Marlier, the circus has a place apart in its inspiration. She tells how her grandfather was drying classes to go to the circus, with his brother, who himself will direct his own circus in Ukraine.
Through this accumulation of experiences and personalities all gathered in the centre of the ring, Svetà highlights the possibility for everyone to express themselves around art in all possible forms.
Text of Peter Kirchem


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Svetà Marlier


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