Ostrich policy

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Technique: Acrylique, pierre noire et graphite sur papier. 300gr. Artistico Fabiano

Dimension : 39,3 x 27,5 inch

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Svetà Marlier

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According to legend, the ostrich would bury its head in the sand to hide in case of danger (an extremely inefficient technique). As early as the first century, Pliny the Elder wrote: "Ostriches are the stupidest animals in the world, they believe they can make themselves invisible by burying their heads in the sand".
It was from this belief that the expression "ostrich policy" was coined in the early 20th century to refer to the fact of deliberately ignoring a danger, of denying the existence of any problem.
However, it should be borne in mind that this ostrich attitude to danger is only a preconceived notion. In reality, the ostrich often has its head close to the ground because that is where it finds part of its food. When faced with danger, the ostrich will tend to flee or defend itself with the power of its legs.

Inspired by this expression, Svetà Marlier decided to paint her self-portrait with a mask covering her face.
Through this powerful image, the artist seeks to show her refusal to face reality, her refusal to accept the current pandemic and all that it entails. She explains that we can also perceive, through her work, her hypochondriac side and the fear of this real world that escapes her.


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