The life 1 – Svetà MARLIER

8 000 

Technique: Acrylic and black stone on canvas

Dimension: 57 x 80,7 inch

.  “Life” invites us to travel somewhere between Africa and Mesopotamia in search of the origins of humanity. The artist explores Genesis and expresses here the happiness of life, evoking the existing links between all species, men, women, mammals, birds.
In the history of creation, trees all have a symbolic meaning: the Baobab, the largest and most emblematic of Africa, whose branches look like roots, the Tree of Life, which evokes the origins of the world, the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Delights with Adam and Eve and the temptress Lilith, sulphurous, rebellious, driven from earthly paradise because it went against the will of God, and with the demons found refuge in Gehenna.
Text  by Françoise Missilier

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Svetà Marlier


signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity