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Jane Dreyer founded Galerie 22 in 2007, in the heart of the Luberon region of France. In 2012 she was joined by Bernard Mourier, forming a knowledgeable and complementary duo.
In 2019, the gallery is going online without losing its philosophy, taking part in contemporary art fairs and organising exhibitions in various private venues.
The artistic passion of Jane Dreyer and Bernard Mourier is to present a diversity of renowned and emerging artists in a spirit of humanity and conviviality.
Each encounter with an artist is a privileged moment of exchange and discovery, and it is an immeasurable pleasure to offer you their magnificent works in our online art gallery.
Whether it's abstract or figurative art in all media and techniques.

Discover Our Paints

Acrylic, oil, watercolour and collage on canvas or paper are all artistic mediums that allow artists to express their vision and create unique works. Each of these mediums has its own characteristics and techniques, offering artists a range of possibilities for expressing their creativity.
Timelessness in painting refers to works that transcend the fashions and trends of the era in which they were created. These paintings have a timeless quality that continues to resonate with viewers, whatever the historical or cultural context in which they find themselves. They can touch universal human emotions and communicate timeless ideas, making them enduring and meaningful works of art.

Discover Our Sculptures.

Concrete is a versatile material that allows sculptors to explore different shapes, textures and finishes. It can be used to create modern, abstract sculptures as well as figurative works.

Bronze is a material that has been traditionally used in sculpture for centuries. It offers a beautiful natural patina and exceptional durability. Bronze sculptures have a timeless presence and can be created in a variety of styles, from classical realism to contemporary abstraction.

Basalt is a volcanic rock that gives sculptures a natural, organic appearance. Sculptors often use basalt to create monumental sculptural pieces that blend harmoniously into outdoor environments.
Ceramics offer a wide range of colours and finishes, enabling artists to create contemporary and expressive sculptures. Ceramic pieces can be glazed, polished or textured, offering a wide range of visual effects.

Discover Our Photographs.

Galerie 22 recognises art photography as the "8th art" and showcases renowned artists in this field. Among them are names such as Alain Schwarzstein, Jean-Philippe Pernot and Samantha Roux, who enjoy international recognition.

The gallery offers a variety of techniques and print media to suit the different aesthetics and preferences of art lovers. Whether using analogue or digital techniques, the gallery's artists explore the creative possibilities of photography to capture unique moments, beautiful landscapes or captivating stories.

Discover outdoor art.

Galerie 22 is a space dedicated to contemporary art, showcasing monumental outdoor sculptures specially designed for gardens. These sculptures are created by sculptors who work mainly with materials such as metal, corten and painted aluminium.

Metal is a popular material for outdoor sculptures because of its durability and ability to withstand the elements. The sculptors at Galerie 22 use a variety of metalworking techniques to create unique and expressive forms. They can create abstract or figurative sculptures, playing with lines, shapes and textures.

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